Friday, September 11, 2009

Argument from the choice of man's design

The design choice of man includes many imperfections, but because we were created by a perfect being, the amount of imperfections require an explanation since the purpose that is attributed to humans, to believe and seek salvation, would be achieved with almost certainty had the amount of imperfections been different. A god that creates a flawed being and provides it with a purpose whose success rate is only dictated by the very design that was chosen, cannot test his creation for when he tests it, he's really testing his own skills in creating those beings. Just as a clockmaker, when he tests his clock, he's really testing his own skill of making clocks. There's no point in praising or blaming the clock for anything it does, only it's creator.

Our imperfections can be demonstrated by our disbelief in God, for example. The rewarded outcome of this earthy life (actual belief in God) is either determined by a priori knowledge (intrinsic belief or intuition) or a posteriori knowledge (evidence), and the amount I have from both is ultimately caused by God.

If all of our shortcomings have an ultimate genesis in God then humans aren't worthy of praise and blame any more than any piece of machinery is. Only the creator can be responsible for the fact that his own creation's design doesn't fully fulfill the purpose he himself had given them.

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